Incahuella is an  association under 1901 law,  dedicated to help young people to prepare and realize scientific and/or eco-turism travel. Incahuella is acting:

- Supporting for finding partners (reponse to tenders, preparing charter projects, unsolicited applications, etc.)

-Helping in logistical preparation of the expedition (setting up the itinerary, selecting equipment, making local contacts, etc.).

-Support for the dissemination of knowledge gained during the trip (preparation of exhibitions and conferences, participation in festivals, etc.).

You want to go in the wild for adventure, and you are already preparing your journey? So just take a look at our Basic Guide for Broke Traveler. You will find some good deals that we could identify during the development of our trip, and ideas of books really useful to prepare your expedition in the wild.

The team:

Cécile Georget, President

Mathilde Maïsano, Secretary

Laurie Vidal, Treasurer

Sara Poinfoux, Assistant treasurer

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