Our partners

We can realize these scientific projects in South America thanks to the institutions which believed in us and gave us  a financial, material or scientific support.


Scientific support:

- The Lautaret alpine botanic garden, France

- The Université de Montréal: department of anthropology, Canada

- Pumalin Natural Park, Chile

- The future Patagonia National Park, Chile

- Perrito Moreno National Park, Argentina


Equipment provisioning:

- The North Face, which gave us the integrality of our expedition equipment, USA

- Demey Consulting, which gave us the integrality of our informatic equipment, France.


Financial support:

- Paris Youth Council, France

- FLM Spirit Events, France

- Mondassur, France

- You ?! Do not forget that each of our handcrafted jewelries that you buy will enable us to stay some more days in South America! :)


To these institutions we can add the people that encourage us to realize this adventure, et whose advice were really helpfull:

- Serge Aubert, manager of the Lautaret alpine Botanical Garden

- Anne Breuil, botanic professor at the Du Breuil School

- Pierre-Yves Chopin, our talented webmaster

- Philippe Danton, association ROBINSONIA and botanist for the Paris National Museum of Natural History

- Laurent Granier, author of “A la recherche de la Grande Route Inca” with Megan Son, Géo editions

- Jorge Legoas Peña, anthropologist specialized on Quechua communities in Peru

- Martine Pernodet, biology teacher in Romain Rolland High School

- Christophe Pognat, association Trans’humans

- Douglas Tompkins, founder of several natural parks in Patagonia, and creator of The North Face

- And of course all of our close friends and family!

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