Schoolchild and students following us

Because Incahuella believes that future relies on those that are still at school, the association is involved in the education of young people as of grown up people to protecting the environment.

Therefore Incahuella proposed to several schools to follow its Andean adventure by offering debates, discussions, meetings and case studies throughout the trip.


Our partner schools :

- Bougon primary school (Pamproux, Deux-Sèvres): 2nd and 3rd year of primary school, class of Ms Brissiaud

- Rue de Tanger primary school (Paris, Ile-de-France): 5th year of primary school, class of M. Amer-Moussa

- Romain Rolland high school (Ivry sur Seine, Val de Marne): 10th grade, class of Ms Pernodet

- Du Breuil school (Paris, Ile-de-France): Final year of high school in Landscaping, Ms Breuil

- Du Breuil school (Paris, Ile-de-France): BTS in Landscaping, Ms Breuil

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