Romain Rolland high school

The partnership between Incahuella and the 5th grade european class (specialized in biology) of Romain Rolland high school will start in september 2011.

During one year, the members of our expedition will become the scientific guinea-pig of the students, giving them pedagogical support and our fieldwork knowledges and observations.

With their biology teacher, Ms Pernodet, we will work on four themes:

- In the footsteps of Darwin

As we will be in South America, we will try to find fossils and some other tracks of the past, to allow the students to redraw the evolution of species since life began on Earth.

- The human body adaptation to physical efforts and altitude

During our journey, we will become guinea-pig for the students, to help them to visualize the effects of physical activity and of altitude on our body. We will take our individual blood pressure and heart rate in different situations and within a long time gradient, to send them good quality data to analyse.

- Biodiversity

Because our trip is focused on the discovery and protection of biodiversity, we will be able to give them concrete examples to illustrate biodiversity, its protection and its destruction in South America. Photographies, stories, articles and debates will be the base of this theme.

- Sustainable development

As we will have a nomad mode of life, we will have the opportunity to discuss about the different energies (sustainable or not) we will use frequently. It will also be the occasion to illustrate and open debates about sustainable development and its perception in South America.

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